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Wie funktioniert Colored Glasses? – Behind the Scenes mit Carolin

You’ve always wondered what happens between the Colored Glasses trainings and workshops? What are the people actually doing in the office? Then this is the right article for you, because I would like to invite you with me to visit the Colored Glasses office in Hamburg!
To-Do list first! We discuss what tasks are at stake and who can take over what. We? That is Sara (full-time staff), Jerker (European Volunteer from Sweden), Milen (Colored Glasses volunteer in Hamburg) and myself, Carolin (Colored Glasses volunteer). After a few minutes, the to-do lists are set, tasks are distributed and we are all sitting in front of our computers. My task today: write a report for the newsletter, write this blog post, proof-read a new CG module, search for different contacts of possible supporters of the Colored Glasses Project and sort photos of the past trainings. After a while of working our next point was to head out for lunch nearby of the office. Then again a brief „check-in“ and on it goes. It is important now how we organize the prove reading, as Jerker, Milen and I should read the module and then give a collected feedback. In the end everything is solved with a shared document.

Creating concepts – a large part of which does not take place in the workshops themselves and also not directly on the training courses. For us it is important that concepts do not reflect a single person’s opinion, but rather summarize the ideas of ​​many people. That is why a concept is being proof read by people who are not in the creating group at all. Because this ensures that even people who have not been dealing with the topic for weeks understand it. In addition, we sort out all the little mistakes, so that at the end of a correct concept arises.

While working so hard of course you should not forget to drink a glass of water or a cup of coffee to stay hydrated. To conclude, we will briefly discuss what has remained unanswered, what we pass on and the day is already over. For me it was the first time that I just visited the office for a day and I got a good inside view. It was a lot of fun to visit the office and I am sure I will come back soon.


Anmerkung der Redaktion: Dieser Beitrag wurde auch mit für unseren europäischen CG-Grow Newsletter verfasst und ist daher auf Englisch 😉